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[orig] RAKE

Title: RAKE
Word Count: 2,389


Dawn is in the tub.

The water is cold; touching my toes, spreading like a pool of blood on the floor from the basin. The washroom is light - colored by floral pinks and whites. My Mother designed the bathroom herself.

The floor is very cold under my feat. Dawn's hair looks black; floating just under the surface, her face pale to contrast the color, it looks like ink. Dawn's lips are blue and open slightly. Her green eyes are closed, lids almost translucent.

"Oh." My Father says from behind me. I turn so fast that I slip on the wet floor. My impact causes more water to dribble from the basin, splashing and spattering on my face.

My Father doesn’t look like himself any more. His eyes are dark and empty like keyholes. He's staring at the tub, and he's smiling.

"I thought you would take longer to chop the wood." My Father says.

"W-what happen to Dawn?"

There's dirt all over my Father's face - his clothes are covered in it. He smiles at me and takes a step forward.

[orig] Dawn - Prologue

Title: Dawn
World: Original - Post-Vitiglen Infection
Words: 1,702


In early January of 2015, the first case of Vitiglen was noted.

                The patient was a 20 year old male who hailed from Nebraska. After being vaccinated for the flu virus, he started developing patches of pale, numb skin. He was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital after admitting that he could no longer read. Slowly, the function of the injected shoulder decreased, the patches of numb pale skin slowly flowing down to his fingers. The patient complained of sharp points of pain. His internal temperature at this time was written on his chart as 99F. Vomiting spells broke out every hour or so. Irregular heartbeats were noted, and so far no known medications were working.

                A specialist took a biopsy of the skin near the injection site. The cut made for the biopsy was noted by a nurse to not bleed at all. Still, the site was cleaned and wrapped. His fervor in the next five to six hours increased to 103F, and he shows slight fits of dementia. Spots of white skin started to develop on his chest and his feet, as well as on his back. The patient complied of joint pain, and rapidly became irritated. The order to strap him down and sedate him was made 48 hours after his arrival.

                The spec lists notations about the biopsied skin were very small - the only notated item on the chart was that the sample was dead.

                It was noted 50 hours after the patient was admitted that his pupils no longer responded to light stimuli, nor did his infected arm and feet respond when pinched or poked. Patient's heart rate slowed, and his fever spiked to 106 F. Monitored brain activity slowly decreased for another hour before it was determined that the patient had fallen into a coma. 52 hours after being admitted, the patient went into cardiac arrest, brain activity ceased, and he was pronounced dead.

                The autopsy revealed that most of the major internal organs had been decomposing inside of the patient before he was pronounced. The sight of the flu injection was examined thoroughly, and it was noted that the cells in the area had been dead for quite a long time - at least a week. The brain, the coroner noted in her report, had lacerations and pock marks everywhere, pieces of the brain - she noted - 'seemed to fall apart as I tried to remove them'.

                The coroner - as it was detailed in the papers later - quit immediately after that examination. She was quoted saying 'I could swear to you that he was moving some times. That his foot twitched, his hand - his mouth. When you start seeing the people on the table move, you need a new job.'



In January of 2015, the first epidemic of Vitiglen was noted in Nebraska.Collapse )


[orig] Haunted - Case 2: Bookworm (1/2)

Words: 4,957

Case 02: "Bookworms"

It took Jake two days to realize that Ren was not properly prepared for this sudden change in life style. It took Ren, who Jake slowly realized was not the sharpest tool in the shed, a little over a week.

"You mean, we're not stopping at all?" Ren asked. He was - if possible - growing stubble at the tip of his chin. Jake was very happy for his electric razor - cheap, from some CVS in the east - but it seemed that Ren liked the straightedge better. "At all?"

"No. We'll be in Arizona by sun up. It would be better to drive through the night than to stop now and get a late-ass start tomorrow." Jake let a glare sweep over to Ren through the rear view mirror. Ren, whose red shirt was rather more rumpled than it should have been, sighed and slumped down even more.

"We won't be late if we stop..."

"Are you arguing with me on this?"


Read more...Collapse )

To Part 2
Words: 6,422

            Case 01 : "Body in the Water"

Jake found Ren in a lake.

There's more to the story.

He was possessed, at the time, so it was okay.

Alright, back peddling to the beginning.


There had been a rash of unexplainable, supernatural happenings creating chaos up in Glenwood, Minnesota. People were going blind. In fact, half the town of Glenwood was blind. Any house off North Lake Shore Drive all the way across the train tracks.

Jake arrived on a Monday and was greeted with smiles by the locals. Jake had poked his nose into the hospitals and sniffed around for a day or two before he got a break.

What did all the folks have in common? Water.

It happened.

Jake remembered once that a witch had cast a spell on a water tower in Iowa - causing the entire town to have the hiccups for weeks on end. What linked the people of Glenwood Mn together was their lake.

Lake Minnewaska was huge, stuck between Glenwood and Starbuck and, Jake found out, that both the towns' occupants were suddenly having a problem seeing. In fact, the try state area was having a hard time seeing a clear cause to this problem.

On the first night back in Glenwood,

Jake found a boy.Collapse )

To Part 2

[Harry Potter] - If Remus Were a Girl

Title: If Remus Were A Girl

Remus would have breasts.

Sirius balanced a panicle - the one Remus uses when filling in his muggle crosswords puzzles and can get really sharp and pokes perfectly - between his upper lip and his nose. The ceiling of the detention room is grey and crackled and Sirius is bored and has nothing to do other then think of Remus with breasts.

They would be small, he decides. They would fit snugly in his hands and be perfectly round and soft. His shoulders would be rounder, thin and delicate - even more then they are now. His skin would be creamy and smooth....Collapse )

For G: A little something that i felt like writing.

    Heat and Loss 
(A Wolf & Train Ficbit)

This fight was special.

They always fought, yes, - to a degree. Both of them had hot tempers - one that cause heat, the other that had newly driven fuel - and they both sat on the edge of adulthood. Equally young, but old at the same time. Often, the fights started about something stupid - socks in the living room, unclean dishes in the sink, eating the others food - and would escalate into something that could light the room on fire and crush every object in it.

The apples that had been quietly sitting on the counter top scattered to the floor - exploding in the air halfway there.

"Shit!!" Wolf spat - eyes aflame. There was apple-guts on his legs. "Why the hell did you have to-"

"Shut!" Train explode. His voice was loud. "-the fuck up! You're not my fucking mother-"

"-you didn't have a mother, jackass! Who the hell's gonna clean this up?!"

The paper on the counter started to shrivel and blacken just a little around the edge near Wolf. Train was trying to keep his berating steady. Wolf had grease on his face from his job that morning. Train had porously refrained from telling him about it.Train shrugged - his bare sholder moving carefullyCollapse )

                Warwick sits at the counter at three in the morning waiting for Wolf to get home.
                Warwick touches the bowl close to him, three times, the tips of his fingers fluttering over the rim. He feels comfortable in his obsessive disorder - tapping the spoon handle on the tip twice, before spinning it and placing the lid firmly back on. With five flicks of his wrist he wipes the left over sugar crystals off of the counter, rubs the pad of his thumb finger on his right index finger, and sighs.
                This new habit he's developed – it’s odd, and it feels too new. Warwick’s not used to his own habits - two enveloped in other people to have his own - but this one is his. Only his. No one else waits up for Wolf. No one else cares.
                Train's breath rattles out of his chest in a snore - muffled by dirty pillows. Warwick pauses in his spinning of his coffee cup to glance at the sleeping man.

Well, alright - he wasn't the only one....Collapse )

[orig] Rocklan - Josh Has a Theory

Title: Josh Has a Theory
World: Original - Rocklan Institute
Paring: Josh/Remy
Words: 824

He loves her.

Remy is not the type of girl who would go for his mushy shit like this. Remy is not the type of girl to reach out for him when she's hurting - she doesn’t whimper his name or anything, curled in her own little ball of pain, skin charged and glowing softly. Remy is stronger than him - resilient - sure that she should endure everything alone. Quite capable of enduring everything alone. Very unlike him.

Still, he reached out his hand - shocked by her energy, a burn on his hand - and touches her. Her shoulders quiver with pain - Josh isn't sure what Morgan does to her to hurt her so bad, but he has convinced himself he doesn't want to know. If it's anything like what they do to him - long needles, pressure behind his eyes, pain that sings down his entire spine and resonates through his soul - he doesn’t want to know.

Josh wants to leave in the worst possible way – for good. Not for a week or two – forever.


He knows, soon - if not within the next year - he's going to die.Collapse )

[orig] Tenchu - Sneeking Out (Kids)

                Minabi sits, arms folded under her chest, in her house robe. Her robe is old and grayed - the butterflies still red and gold, but softer now - warn in. Her eyes are dim - angry, glowing in the warmth from the lit lamps. She sits - with her legs crossed - feet bare and tapping constant on the ground.

                Renji sits next to her, his chest bare.  Black training pants pool, a few inches to long, around his ankles. His hair is bright in the dim glow - eyes sharp blue. his face, unlike Minabi's, is passive - blank.

                Kai didn't expect this. Rebellion races through his veins, beats in time with his heart - he can still hear the sound of the wind in his ears, the feel of the world under his feet. The thrum of adrenalin - which had been ebbing - ignites again, picking his heart beat up.


Minabi's lip twitches...Collapse )

[orig] Tenchu - Rumors

Title: Rumors
Universe: Tenchu
Fandom: Original - Japan
Word Count: 4,051
Summary: First Company, Minor-Squad Three gather information for their Captain - without actually knowing it. Written before it was placed in 3.

                "What rumor?" Junto asks. His mask pools around his neck, lose on his thin frame.
                "Which rumor, you mean." Says Hinata - a meda-ni from the Ocean. Half of Ocean House, First Company snuggles in with Lake House, First Company. Junto likes the way her legs curve. Her eyelids flutter as she watches him touch her flesh with his gaze. "There are perhaps four or five floating around that are major."
                "Do all you Lake Ni live under rocks?" Korin says, placing one hand carefully on Hinata's leg - eyes heavy on Junto's skull. Junto promptly removes his eyes from her legs and sticks them to Korin's arms.
                "Not all of us." Mell says, flipping her hair over her shoulder. "I manage to sleep under the stars some nights."
                "Same here." Reet sneers.
                "Junto's to busy chasing ass to pay attention to what anyone says." Loki defends, face soft and voice softer.
                Junto, for his own part, makes noise about that statement, but does not - indeed - deny it.
                All six of the ninja gathered in the corner of the House of the Lake's court yard sit at the rank of third lieutenant. The four Lake Ni wear their First Company badges on their arms. The Ocean Ni are a bit more discreet about who they belong to. Both Hinata and Korin's skin are bleached darker by the ocean's sun. They're hair is lighter, their eyes too - but it's only a slight difference. Enough to make a difference.

[orig] Tenchu - Map and House Information

This is more for me then for you......

All 12 houses....Collapse )

Rank of the Houses [by ninja]:

110 - Ni of the Lake (Master Renko Ryuu)
100 - Ni of the Sun (Master Harik Honto)
90 - Ni of the Ocean (Master Renko Saka)
74 - Ni of the Moon (Master Kobayashi Ayame)
67 - Ni of the Sky (Master Satori Hatchi [Yin])
62 - Ni of the Shore (Master Ryoushi Nakami)
60 - Ni of the Mountain (Master Mitsubara Satori)
60 - Ni of the Wind (Master Yamamoto Hachiro)
60 - Ni of the Sky (Master Satori Kree [Yang])
42 - Ni of the Heavens (Master Shostai Higa)
40 - Ni of the Flower (Master Samoshi Iruka)
30 - Ni of the Desert (Master Jaoi Raiden)

[Orig] Tenchu - ::2:: (Part 1/2)

Title: Tenchu
Chapter: Two - Where We Meet the Others, Some Truth is Found, and Lieutenants are Found (Part 1 of 2)
Fandom: Original Universe - Japan
Word Count: 7,948
Summary: [inspired by the video game] Just....read



                Ryuu introduces them.

                "You're fighting on the same team."  Master Ryuu's word is law. Renji is about one and a half heads bigger then Minabi – tall and wide. Hiro comes to Renji's forehead, taller than Minabi but shorter then Renji.

                Though really, they were not on the same team. The two of them were against Hiro, and they all knew it.




                Kazuyuki is tall - broad in the shoulders - almost two heads above Shihiro. His eyes are English-blue, the color of the ocean. His hair is crisp blond. His Japanese is broken and tough, but he understands from watching.

                Samus regards him - takes in a sweeping view from head to toe - and waits for Shihiro to decide.

                "Vice-Captain?" Shihiro says carefully.

                Samus watches Kazuyuki take the word in, define it, than grin. His smile is dashing - Samus is surprised.

                "No." He says, tenor, and Samus knows Shihiro is looking at her.

                "Rank?" She asks.

                "Captain." He says, careful. "From Gain."

                Samus doesn’t understand. Shihiro does.

                "He's a Ronin - from the Gain cove." He says carefully. Shihiro knows Kazuyuki knows what he's saying, despite the language barrier. Samus' hands are cold.

                "I'm a traitor." Kazuyuki says in English. Shihiro stares, not understanding.

                "Master Ryuu singed you on." Samus says back. Kazuyuki looks surprised that anyone else can speak his language. A smile blooms on his face - softer now.

                "I volunteered."

                Samus furrows her brow.

                "Revenge." He offers, than moves off toward the training area. His body is lethal and strong - Samus notes how much he is built like Renji.

                "Revenge." She relays to Shihiro. He reaches out and grabs her wrist - careful thumb rubbing over her wrist bone - then breaks the contact and follows the traitor out. Samus thinks she can see the start of a new friendship. Samus thinks that whatever is going on between her and Shihiro is bigger then she thought it was.




Since the day of his arrival, Master Ryuu has kept Hiro in his room.Collapse )

[Orig] Tenchu - ::2:: (Part 2/2)

Title: Tenchu
Chapter: Two - Where We Meet the Others, Some Truth is Found, and Lieutenants are Found (Part 2 of 2)
Fandom: Original Universe - Japan
Word Count: 7,948
Summary: [inspired by the video game] Just....read

From Part One

Tenchu 2 - Prt 2Collapse )

[Orig] Tenchu - ::1:: (Part 1/2)

Title: Tenchu
Chapter: One - Where Rivals are Created, People Die, and Life Becomes Important (Part 1 of 2)
Fandom: Original Universe - Japan
Word Count: 5,294
Summary: [inspired by the video game] Just....read

                Ryuu introduces them.
                "You're fighting on the same team." Ryuu's word is law. Renji is about one and a half heads bigger then Minabi – tall and wide. Ryuu stands there, looking at them side by side, and doesn't notice at first. 
                Though really, they're not on the same team. They are against each other, and they know it. All ninja are.
                Renji isn't cautious. He's quick - brash. He hates waiting for anything.
                Minabi waits and bodes - lures and plans. 
                Renji's strong, but Minabi's faster.
                Renji's hair is pink. Minabi hates it.
                "It's called stealth for a reason!" Minabi forcefully whispers. There is a tomodatchi three feet away, but he's preoccupied by the body of one of his friends. There's blood on Renji's face, clashing with his hair and making it look even brighter than it does in sunlight. Minabi thinks that she can see his lip quirking before he flies from the brush and cracks the tomodatchi's neck.
                Minabi stands, grateful for the real stretch, and gathers breathe to speak - but Renji's gone already, on the roof of a building nearby, and Minabi thinks that the lecture would be wasted anyway.
                Minabi talks.Collapse )

[Orig] Tenchu - ::1:: (Part 2/2)

 Title: Tenchu
Chapter: One - Where Rivals are Created, People Die, and Life Becomes Important (Part 2 of 2)
Fandom: Original Universe - Japan
Word Count: 5,294
Summary: [inspired by the video game] Just....read

~Part One

Title: Breakfast or Dinner
Word Count: 356

Breakfast for DinnerCollapse ) 

Title: The Collector
Word Count: 231

The Collector....Collapse )


[orig] Sui Cid Aire

Title: Sui Cid Aire
Universe: Original - 'Luke's Universe'
Fandom: [True Original]
Word Count:5,013
Summary: (one of my first original characters) READ!!
[Restricted: Page limit - contest peace] 

su•i•cide   (su əˌsaɪd) noun, verb
1. the intentional taking of one's own life.
2. destruction of one's own interests or prospects:
3. a person who intentionally takes his or her own life.
4. being or performing a deliberate act resulting in the voluntary death of the person who does it.
5. to kill (oneself).

                It feels like honey.
                The floor is cold, desolate and angry with him. The smell is almost overpowering, tacky, sticking to the inside of his nostrils. It's the sharp stab of copper - pulled in with choppy breaths - the smell of puke, distant - that makes it almost unbearable. Almost.
                Sometime's, when he feels his heart beat, he can see the slash discharge the honey looking liquid. He isn't even sure its blood any more - perhaps it's just plasma - how can a body hold this much blood? He feels like he's laying in honey. The blood must have seeped into the rug near the door, possibly the only shield he has from people finding him. It had to have touched the desk already, congealing around the legs - his clothes are soaked.
                Luke sighs, a crinkling sound, and hefts his other arm up to check the time. His watch reads a bleary 4:36AM. Two hours of bleeding out and he's still not dead.
                He sits up, peeling his skin from the cold floor and the tacky blood, and runs a hand through his hair.
                The jagged, raw cut slits from the heel of his hand all the way up to his elbow. It had bleed profoundly at first - weakening his knees and kicking is feet out from under him - but now it sits quiet, a rusty looking open wound. Luke tenses his shoulder and curls his fist into a ball; A few rivets break the surface of the forming scab - but other than that, nothing.
                He's woozy when he stands - grabbing the bunk bed for stability, if only for a moment - then drops his gaze to the mess on the floor. An almost perfect outline of his upper body sits untouched in the tacky mess. Luke smiles at the blood angel, but the smile falls away instantly.
                Luke doesn’t feel dead all. Only tired, and pissed off that he has to clean up another mess.
                He sighs, cracks his neck, and starts the small coffee pot.

[Final Fantasy VII] - The Fight

Title: The Fight (1/??)
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Paring: Tifa/Cloud, Denzel/Marlene
Word Count: 2, 586
Summary: This fight, it seems, changes everything in all of their relationships.

                There's a freckle - a single angel kiss - sits at the corner of Tifa's mouth. It's something Cloud never notices normally - only when she yells at him.

                "I can't fucking believe you!"
                Cloud keeps his eyes on the clock. He keeps his mouth straight - his eyes clear - and doesn't respond. Tifa slams the bowl of pasta on the table. Marlene and Denzel jump, but both of them keep their heads down. Cloud takes a moment to wonder at the traits the two of them chose to take from him.

                Tifa's eyes are on fire. Her hands are on her hips - the classic 'Angry Tifa' pose.

                "He's fifteen, Cloud. Fifteen! He should not be on your bike by himself. He's not old enough to be able to control that...that monstrous thing!"

[orig] Freaks - So This Is Christams?

Title: So This Is Christmas?
Fandom: Original - Freaks
Paring: None (Past Max/Persoaphone) Friendship.
Word Count: 634
Summary: God help me i'm being eatend alive by my old original ideas........ 

                "Christmas?" Max said. They were walking through Palan - buildings destroyed around them. Alstala was an hour or two away on foot. "What the fuck is Christmas?"

                Cringe stopped, eyes wide. "Excuse me?"

                "Christmas." Pain said. His eyes were stuck to the ground at Max's feet. He had learned to watch where he stepped. "It's when Christ was born."

                Pain could hear the confusion in Max's voice. "Who's Christ?"

                "Excuse me?" Cringe said again.Collapse )

[orig] Knifing the Line - 1/?

Title: Knifing the Line
Fandom: Original
Paring: Derrick Averit/Justin Carie
Word Count: 5,260
Summary: Reason for Existing: Darkly Dreaming Dexter, and ‘Dexter’ on HBO, and an evil teacher I have that influences children to read and write and do all of those wicked things. 

 "We find the defendant, Derrick Averit, not guilty on the three charges of first degree manslaughter."
  There was silence in the court room, a lack of motion full of surprise and horror. The judge recovered first, looking over at Derrick Averit with a certain distain and knowledge that comes from years of seeing this sort of thing on a daily basis.
  "Then you are free to go. The state apologizes for this, Mr. Averit."
  "No apologies necessary, your Honor." Averit's voice was strong and dark and behind the newly promoted Justin Carie someone start crying. He felt like crying himself. He felt like screaming and shooting the son of a bitch - everyone fucking knew it was him - in the back then laughing about it. But there was a woman crying behind him, and he couldn't bring himself to reach for his gun.
  Three months before the trial started, Officer Justin Carie found the bodies of the three victims in a car just inside Salisbury Park. They were wrapped tightly in blankets in the trunk of the car, carefully tucked together - all three bodies clean and naked and lacking any blood whatsoever. Their licensees and valuables were stacked separately in the seats inside the car - along with a number - 8.
  "Bodies, Bodies everywhere," Chef Kensington said quietly to Justin - more accurately Jay, who had been a homicide cop for a few months already and was assigned the case - in a tone that sat between amusement and horror. "And not a drop of blood."
  There was, of cores, no blood to speak of. Each victim was missing a large amount of their blood, and their left pinky finger. Kensington hypostasized that this killer was making hands. There were fingers missing from victims left and right - all with the same MO as this killer.

No murderer to be accounted for though.Collapse )

[Orig] Music - Perfezionare la Musica

 Title: Perfezionare la Musica
Fandom: Original - Music
Paring: Sebastian/Sam
Word Count: 1,991
Summary: Sebastian has been waiting for this for years. He's not ready for the noise.

   "Bastion," Sam whispered, piano, and Sebastian had a feeling that this might end with him being a little more breathless then he had intended. Sam's lips were a lot closer to his neck then Sebastian had intended them to be, and normally he was so careful about this kind of thing -- ritenuto.

    The November air outside was sharp - left over wet leaves no longer as crisp in the blue winter afternoons. The sky was painted purple and indigo by five - riding home with Sam every day let Sebastian learn of the subtle changed in the sky. Sebastian could watch it better now.

    "You smell like Nikki." Sam said, his lips almost touching the flaps of Sebastian collar. The polo Sebastian was wearing was black and green and he smelled like cigarettes and old open liquor bottles and Nikki Orins' expensive rose perfume. Sam's heat was intoxicating - warm and tasting of ginger. Sebastian could taste him on his tongue.

    "My closet smells like Nikki." Sebastian said back, softly - when had they started to speak so softly? Pianississimo. Sam's breath was light against his throat. Over the sound of the packed train, Sebastian was sure the sound of him swallowing was loud enough for everyone to hear.

    A smile tugged the edge of Sam's lip up, his eyes shades darker then normal.

    They had begun this in sixth grade.

    That was when Sam's sonata started.

    Sebastian 's knees were vibrating with nerves and the shake of the train.

 Sebastian had always been musical...Collapse )

[orig] Faerie Tales - The Wolf Loves Red

 Title: The Wolf Loves Red
Fandom: Faerie Tales - Little Red Riding Hood
Paring: Red/Wolf (Connie)
Word Count: 1,642
Summary: (CW assignment) Connie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing - dark amber eyes and rough nails. Red feels like he has to save someone. That person - evidently - is himself.

Her name is Connie.  Her hair falls carefully to her mid-back, tight ringlets of woven wool. Her skin is dyed after years on the beaches of Fire Island, eyes the color of an angry tempest. She has a small scar that scatters down her face before her ear to just under her jaw bone, a thread-thin line of marring on her otherwise seemingly perfect skin. Her hips are carved in all the right was and her chest swells more with every breath she takes. She's had her cat Twinkly for three years and she misses her cat more than her parents some times. Her favorite color is blue, but she looks best in yellows and greens. She has two pairs of shoes that she loves to wearer - alternating to match her outfit.
            Red knows this because he watches.
            She's not normal.
            Their college seemingly stretches out for miles - builds upon buildings. Stones and trees carve paths all over campus - from the visual arts building to the math center, around the field and out toward the gym. The population is rather high, so it’s all together possible that any one person can get lost in the crowd immediately. It's completely logical that his face can blend in and that she will never see him if he doesn’t want her to. No one notices that he holds his left arm stiffer then his right all the time.
            She plays the piano like some people sing. Her body sways with the music.          


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