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[orig] Faerie Tales - The Wolf Loves Red

 Title: The Wolf Loves Red
Fandom: Faerie Tales - Little Red Riding Hood
Paring: Red/Wolf (Connie)
Word Count: 1,642
Summary: (CW assignment) Connie is a wolf in sheep’s clothing - dark amber eyes and rough nails. Red feels like he has to save someone. That person - evidently - is himself.

Her name is Connie.  Her hair falls carefully to her mid-back, tight ringlets of woven wool. Her skin is dyed after years on the beaches of Fire Island, eyes the color of an angry tempest. She has a small scar that scatters down her face before her ear to just under her jaw bone, a thread-thin line of marring on her otherwise seemingly perfect skin. Her hips are carved in all the right was and her chest swells more with every breath she takes. She's had her cat Twinkly for three years and she misses her cat more than her parents some times. Her favorite color is blue, but she looks best in yellows and greens. She has two pairs of shoes that she loves to wearer - alternating to match her outfit.
            Red knows this because he watches.
            She's not normal.
            Their college seemingly stretches out for miles - builds upon buildings. Stones and trees carve paths all over campus - from the visual arts building to the math center, around the field and out toward the gym. The population is rather high, so it’s all together possible that any one person can get lost in the crowd immediately. It's completely logical that his face can blend in and that she will never see him if he doesn’t want her to. No one notices that he holds his left arm stiffer then his right all the time.
            She plays the piano like some people sing. Her body sways with the music.          
            She's not normal.
            She takes sixteen credits, mostly music classes. She likes going to museums and looking and modem art sculptures. She likes to paint her toes pink
            Red understands what he's doing. He's learned what stalking is and how many laws he is possibly breaking. But he works in student services and he has passwords upon passwords to unlock everything. He knows her mother’s middle name. He knows her. He knows her.
            He feels like he has to save someone. He feels like he’s doing the right thing.
            Sometimes, when he's walking to his room late at night, Red will stop and stare up at her room for a minute or so. Third from the right - second story.
            Her wonders if it’s love. The knife he always has is sharp against his wrist.
            It's Friday before vacation break. Campus has all but cleared out - Red makes sure that he's on time today. Her last class for the weekends ends at 8:45. Red wraps his coat around him and starts toward the gym.  The long pathway is lined by poplars - tall fencing trees that cast bared shadows by low moonlight. The moon itself is high and bright. He can almost smell the color in the air.
            Connie's coat glows in the night. Her hair is pulled up in a pony tail - dancing over her shoulder. The moon hits her glasses and obscures her eyes. Red takes three breaths, swallows once, and steps onto the pathway. Connie's tennis shoe's stutter on spare pieces of loose gravel left over on the ground.
            He watches her recognize him - her eyes draw up his body and analyze his face.
            She doesn't hesitate. "You know?"
            Red smiles. He likes the fact that she is honest. Her voice is nicer to his ears now that it's directed at him. It’s real now. "For a while."
            She smiles and settles her bag more firmly on her shoulder. She slips her glasses off and tucks them into her bag. "You're the first."
            "I could have told you that."
            She moves, carefully. Red lets the blade in his hand jumps in the light, just a little. Her eyes don’t miss the catch in light. Connie shifts her hips and settles down. The charm that she had before - the placated smile and the polite twill in her voice is gone. She calm and cold now, a predator of the night. Red has the upper hand. He feels himself smile, slowly – sharp.
            "How did you know?" She asks, softer. The moon shifts out of the sky, covered for a moment, erasing the bars of light between them. Solid black links her shoes and his. Their shadows disappear.
            "I work in admissions." Says Red. "I've seen your medical files-"
            There's a flash, a movement that is faster than Red can see, and suddenly both of her hands are wrapped around his neck. The fall to the ground knocks the wind from his lings - seizes his chest and makes his heartbeat stutter with fear. The knife is in her arm, and his eyes watch the shine where it slits into her skin.  Her eyes glitter wolf-amber, dark slatted and rough. There is blood on his fingers and roaring in his ears.
            He sees her mouth move, but he can’t hear past the roaring. She isn’t looking at him as she’s speaking – but looking up and around, careful, tense. Her eyes glitter as she looks back down at him. The world goes black like a light switch is flipped.
            Red wakes in a bed that smells to much like flowers to be his own.
            He’s tied to the bed.
            “What’r you gonna do to me?” He voice is sore. His throat is rough and it hurts. Gravely. Her hand touches his neck and he jumps away. Her eyes flash amused. She’s topless, a sports bra holding her breasts in place. Her upper arm is wrapped in white gauze – the appearance of the wrapping looks practices. She’s done this before. Her stomach is sculpted and perfect; the dips of her hips into her pants cuts a dark line across her pale skin.
            There are scars everywhere. Drizzled down her stomach and catching on her hips. The scars are old and warn – The knife in her hands distracts him from her body.
            She cuts the ropes on his wrist closest to herself in a quick flick. Her voice is heavy in the darkness of her room. “I’m going to protect you.”
            Red is ready for her to stab him. He laughs, a jump through his shoulders and a high noise in his throat. “Protect me? From who!?”
            There is a howl outside, high and long. The note hits and octave that sends shivers down Red’s skin. It’s lonely and hungry. Connie’s eyes are on him, amber in the darkness. Red, for the first time since he decided to do this, feels real fear. The hand he normally holds the knife in clutches unconsciously.
            “From them.” Connie says, and another wolf howls.
             “Them?” Red barks. “What about you – monster! Wolf! Who’ll protect me from you!?”
            “They’ll eat you alive.” She says, closer now. Her hair dances over his face, and even though one of his hands are free he’s still pinned to the mattress by her sheer force of will. Her breath is hot against his face, smelling of her gum, and the smell of the night trees. “Now that you know, now that you’ve understood, now that you see – they will kill you. They will eat you alive and they will take your soul away.”
            “I became a wolf because it was either that or die.” Connie leans back and sits, carefully, next to his hand. Red jumps as she slashes the other rope off of his hand. Her face is kinder then it was – full of pity. “I was attacked, and it was either become one of them or change myself. I chose to change. So now, you have a choice.”
There’s a choirs outside of them now – a campus full of them – a world full of monsters that have woken up to him. To his knowledge. A world he sees now - because once you see a part of it, a scar and a flash of amber eyes, you cannot un-see it. Red’s heart is loud in his ears. Roaring. Howling.
“Either I can protect you for the rest of your life,” She touches his chest. Cold explodes from her finger tips and raises gooseflesh across his skin. Her eyes dance with the promises of protection. “Or you can run.”
The way she says it, her voice, and the howling of the wolves of the world makes Red quake.
“I’ll kill you.” He says. “I swear to God I’ll kill you. Monster.”
The knife glitters over his chest.
“I hope so.” She replies. Her eyes danced. The scar on the side of her face is dangerously sharp. “Eventually. Be mine, become mine, or run and don’t stop. What do you choose?
Red carries a weight at the center of his chest – the weight of eyes on his back and shoulders dragging him down. He can see with eyes unclouded – he can see the drizzle of amber in people’s eyes, the darkness of a demon in others. There is a wicked cast of darkened light on almost everyone – Red can see it now – and he feels so clean in comparison.
Connie is jaded – her human eyes a deep and muddy aqua, destroyed. She is defenseless around him, now that he can see her, so she doesn’t pretend to be so human around him. Red wonders if he should still kill her.
He feels like he’s lost something inside himself. He’s awake to the world now, aware of the darkness that he thought was there – but he knows now, and that changes everything. Connie smiles and says he’s lost his innocence. She rubs his red hair and kisses his pale chest. He wonders if he’ll regret this and knows that eventually he will.
He thinks he loves her, maybe, in some dark part of his heart. His knife glitters, tip down, imbedded in her dresser.
The wolves howl at night, dark shapes – waiting. He can see them from the window now.
Third from the right - second story.