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[orig] Rocklan - Josh Has a Theory

Title: Josh Has a Theory
World: Original - Rocklan Institute
Paring: Josh/Remy
Words: 824

He loves her.

Remy is not the type of girl who would go for his mushy shit like this. Remy is not the type of girl to reach out for him when she's hurting - she doesn’t whimper his name or anything, curled in her own little ball of pain, skin charged and glowing softly. Remy is stronger than him - resilient - sure that she should endure everything alone. Quite capable of enduring everything alone. Very unlike him.

Still, he reached out his hand - shocked by her energy, a burn on his hand - and touches her. Her shoulders quiver with pain - Josh isn't sure what Morgan does to her to hurt her so bad, but he has convinced himself he doesn't want to know. If it's anything like what they do to him - long needles, pressure behind his eyes, pain that sings down his entire spine and resonates through his soul - he doesn’t want to know.

Josh wants to leave in the worst possible way – for good. Not for a week or two – forever.


He knows, soon - if not within the next year - he's going to die.

It's simple, really. The nose bleeds are getting worse. He's becoming more forgetful - he finds himself wondering around the complex, unsure of what he was about to do, lost in a place he has lived his entire life.

Josh has a theory.

He thinks that they're using him - that Morgan's using him to create things when he whites out from the pain. The restraints, for one - he thinks - so perfect, made from a substance unknown, perfectly sized and impossible to find unless it's attached to someone. Josh thinks that she uses Remy to power the labs - the entire complex - to give everything an extra charge. Josh thinks that she uses Mangus to create and upkeep their few miles worth of land looking semi-presentable, Josh thinks she uses CJ to help - to warp the weather into this almost utopian summer-day for the entire year.

Josh rides an old, rusty-ass Ford pick-up. It was red, but it looks browner now. That rust bucked keeps Josh sane; lets him take Remy - sometimes CJ, Denny if he's restricted more, Liam for a weekend - away from this place for a while. To the outside world, where everything's not so fucked up, where they can eat food they want to eat, where they can breathe real air.

Josh has a theory.

Remy is curled up on his bed, wearing one of his old t-shirts and her panties, shaking and shivering so bad he can feel the energy in the air. Her hair is black - chirsp against his blue sheets and green comforter - it's snowing out in the real world, his apartment surrounded by 6 inches of t. Her eyes are clenched shut, her jaw too, and Josh loves her.

It's a staple though - God I love her - a real constant. Other then the lab and the endless research and the pain building at the base of his brain - building building building God it hurts almost all the time - the thought that he loves her is a daily reminder that there are things outside of the life he grew up in.

Josh as a theory.

If they're using him to make things, if they're using Mangus to keep the earth at bay, if they're using Palmer as a ground in experiments, if they're using Remy to power the Instate - they have to be using someone to control their powers. Someone to monitor the perimeter, someone to regulate life at the Complex.

She fights him - weekly, shaking, hands clenched tight into E's pushing him away - but she relents in the end. Remy fits snug under his chin, her arms fold nicely between his chest and hers. She doesn’t cry - brave - but she shutters and wines high in her throat. It hurts him, his soul, but the small shocks that roll of her body zap at the base of his skull - numbing the pinching pain there. After a while, he doesn’t even feel it, and she stops fighting enough for him to properly hold her.

Remy will never tell him that she loves him back. She's too proud - sadly - but Josh isn't. He whispers it into her hair, softly, when their alone. She's just always too tired or to scared to respond.

Josh has a theory. Josh thinks Morgan wants to change the past. To fix something that went wrong. The incident at the river, perhaps.

Josh thinks that the Runell's are here for that same reason.

Josh thinks a lot - but half the time, he can't remember what he though the day before.

All he remembers is that he loves Remy, and that pinching at the top of his neck keeps getting worse.