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Minabi/Renji -

Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Birthday: Feb 6th - Aquarius
Chou is quiet and collected, the most level headed of all the children. Her combat skills are perhaps the best if the children - something that Kai is very upset about. She loves reading.

Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Dark brown, black
Birthday: Oct 28th -Scorpio
Kai is angry almost all the time, like his father. And he hates the fact that he's never as good as Chou. They sleep in the same room, beds next to each other, because Chou is the only one who can get him to fall asleep.

Sheji / Saburo
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Blonde
Birthday: April 13th - Aries (It was a Friday)
The twins are identical, and brilliant. Smart, fast, and strong. They work as a team, inseparable, and they're unstoppable.

Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Birthday: February 14 - Aquarius
Nariko always gets forgotten. She looks exactly like Minabi, and hates the fact that she gets ignored. She has a crush on Ken because, as she likes to think, "Ken's perfect."

Eyes: Green
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Birthday: May 3rd -Taurus
Takehiko, the youngest, isn't necessarily as concentrated in the shinobi arts as his siblings. He's more into the ladies, and having fun. He gets out of training whenever he can, and has been known to skip out and go to town instead. He's a sweet talker, and probably has the potential to be the best out of the siblings, but he just doesn't have the passion for it like the rest of them


Eyes: BlueGrey
Hair: Ink black
Once piercing on his right ear.
The oldest of the 2nd generation in the House, Ken is responsible, trustworthy, smart, and quite determined to be the best. He, often times times, finds himself responsible for cleaning up all of the Mitsubara children's messes, as well as the ones his own siblings find themselves in. He's Chou's best friend - if she's ever separated from Kai, that is - and has a budding competition for her hand against Sorin. Ken is determined to return to his father’s old house and become the Master there.

Eyes: Grey
Hair: Starlight
Two piercings on her right ear
The only thing Hino enjoys more than learning her craft is pissing Kai off. Being a few days older then him, the two were paired together to be training partners since they were small. Hino is a better jutsu user then her counterpoint, understanding that patience is sometimes necessary, but she can be just as vicious as Kai herself. She's being taught by Minabi herself, strictly, while Kai is only being trained by his father. She enjoys rubbing that in his face whenever she can.

Eyes: Grey
Hair: Ink Black
Three piercings on his right ear
The youngest sibling, Yami finds his pleasure in trying to become the twins. He trots after them, often offering ideas that will set the Twins off on another tangent/target. Yami is crafty, very good with his hands and creating things. His partner is Takehiko, so he's often left alone when going on missions.

Suki/Daichi -

Eyes: Green - Siren
Hair: Black
Sorin, Ken, and Chou train together - and he finds himself strictly the Jutsu user of the three. He's better at laying traps and following trails the other two (almost), but happens to be the weakest fighter out of the three. Sorin has his eyes on Chou - he finds her simply infatuating. He likes writing Haikus.

Mell/Junto -

Eyes: Green
Hair: Black/shaved
She's a healing ni, studding under Renko diligently. She's a straggler, often paired with any of the other kids when they're sent on missions - strictly there to heal, ward, and pick locks. She has a hand in poisoning, developing that skill from her mothers heritage - but she prefers to heal rather then hurt. She can defuse fights quickly - weather through her words or her careful strength.

Eyes: Gold
Hair: Black
Skin dyed - dark
Is the same age as Nariko - her partner in crime and training - and often is the one who breaks her off into a fit. He has a talent for setting off most of the younger Mitsubara children - Nari especially. He's been known to pick fights with Ken - has the wonderful ability to annoy that boy as well - and often gets his ass kicked. He has inherited his father’s Blood Like Jutsu - Golden Talons.