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Unfinished Face

A Refined Soul

My Unfinished Face, My Refined Soul
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Alright, Unfinished_Face is a community i've made (zerosconsort) for those who find themselfs surching for something. I'm looking for other writers and artests who are still looking for that little part of them that's left...unfinished

For no, i'm eing selfish and keeping this to myself<3...but post if you want, if you want to join.

Over all, this will be an HP Writing journal, but thre will be my random actions of original writing binges as well as the random picture's that will pop up.

Over all disclamer: Any of the characters I will write about/ have written about/ has wrote about are a fictional. Any characters that are from Harry Potter are the property of J.K. Rowling - the lucky lady - and i stake no clame on the characters, mearly the plot and writings within. Original characters are mine and - why you would want to use them, i dont know - all the plots are original and beling to me as well.

Please Enjoy