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[Orig] Music - Perfezionare la Musica

 Title: Perfezionare la Musica
Fandom: Original - Music
Paring: Sebastian/Sam
Word Count: 1,991
Summary: Sebastian has been waiting for this for years. He's not ready for the noise.

   "Bastion," Sam whispered, piano, and Sebastian had a feeling that this might end with him being a little more breathless then he had intended. Sam's lips were a lot closer to his neck then Sebastian had intended them to be, and normally he was so careful about this kind of thing -- ritenuto.

    The November air outside was sharp - left over wet leaves no longer as crisp in the blue winter afternoons. The sky was painted purple and indigo by five - riding home with Sam every day let Sebastian learn of the subtle changed in the sky. Sebastian could watch it better now.

    "You smell like Nikki." Sam said, his lips almost touching the flaps of Sebastian collar. The polo Sebastian was wearing was black and green and he smelled like cigarettes and old open liquor bottles and Nikki Orins' expensive rose perfume. Sam's heat was intoxicating - warm and tasting of ginger. Sebastian could taste him on his tongue.

    "My closet smells like Nikki." Sebastian said back, softly - when had they started to speak so softly? Pianississimo. Sam's breath was light against his throat. Over the sound of the packed train, Sebastian was sure the sound of him swallowing was loud enough for everyone to hear.

    A smile tugged the edge of Sam's lip up, his eyes shades darker then normal.

    They had begun this in sixth grade.

    That was when Sam's sonata started.

    Sebastian 's knees were vibrating with nerves and the shake of the train.


   Sebastian had always been musical. He had a knack for beat and a deep understanding of sound - an appreciation for the noise of properly played chords and perfectly placed chimes. His mother was an opera singer - worked on Broadway as a voice coach for the up and comings. Sebastian sat in pits during shows and ate up the sight of the conductors wand waving.

    Samuel like the parts of music. He had a ear that Sebastian admired, and ability to divide parts and beats and sounds like no other person. Sebastian met Sam in the fifth grade orchestra, where they preceded to fight over first chair for the corresponding four years. High school rolled around, and suddenly Sam had disappeared from the string picking and proper finger placement world to the choirs.

    Sebastian followed.


    Sam's nose, small on his face - a small touch - tapped lightly against Sebastian's Adams apple. Sebastian sucked in a breath, one Sam watched - eyes hot on his skin. The train shook and -- Contact.

    Sam's forehead tapped his chin, his nose brushing Sebastian's neck again. Sebastian felt the sides of Sam's coat brush against his hips - light and stadickey. 

    Sebastian followed.

    Sebastian was an Alto, his voice deep enough - his range and use of pitch and tone new and fresh. A spark in the freshman class. Sam was a Soprano - a stud in a flock of mares. Sebastian stared at him through every class - it was about then that he noticed his obsession.

    It was about then that Nikki did too. And, as it normally happened in a freshman high school class, everyone else did too.

    "I think I love you." Sebastian said, dolcissimo. Sam looked up from where hs sat in the lobby, surrounded by a gaggle of other eger eared students. Sam's eyes were alive - hocked up on surprise and embarrassment. Sebastian tilted his head and looked toward the front doors, a sense of compulsion sudden and calm.

    "I thought I would tell you." Sebastian stated. And walked away.

    "Are you gay?" Nikki shouted two periods after that. Sebastian snorted in her face.


    "You confessed to Samuel Davenport! In the lobby! Bobby Taylor was there -- he heard it himself!"

    Sebastian turned, his pencil sitting carefully on top of his ear. His hair was long in high school - gathered around his ears in a properly disheveled fashion. That was back when he was a blonde. "I did."

    Nikki's perfectly sculpted eyebrows bobbed in confusion. "They you are gay!"

    "For Sam." Sebastian said. He made it a point. "Only for Sam."

    "Go out with me." Nikki said.

    He had. For two years.

    Sam didn't talk to him for a week.

    A brush of a hand against his side brought Sebastian back - brought his attention to a sharp staccato focus. Constant contact between Sam's forehead and Sebastian's neck, constant contact between Sam's nose and the collar of his shirt. Sam's hand bigger on his side then Sebastian thought - dreamt - it would be.

    "I don't like her." Sam said to his collar bone, and slowly Sam's lips touched where his words had. Light and feather soft - just a dab of lips, a long breath following. Goosebumps crawled up Sebastian arms - allegretto - he was suddenly, tantalizingly hot under his jacket.

    "I don't either." Sebastian gagged, and Sam made full contact. Let his body - finally - fall against Sebastian's. Let their chest touch, pulled his foot snug against Sebastian's, dropped his head into the crook of his neck, slid the long line of his brow and nose against the skin he found there. Sebastian wasn't sure that he moaned, but most of his attention was focused on Sam and not on himself.

    Sebastian started the flirting the summer of Freshman year. Slight trill of touches, special solo treatment, sly piano smiles. Sam noticed it at first - avoided hanging out with him and only him. Sebastian let it go, relaxed with it - waited and waited till Sam was comfortable with him.

    "I'm going to woo him." He said, nobilmente.

    "What?" Nikki said, her skirt around her hips, hands in his hair.

    "Sam." He said, his voice tight. Nikki moved above him, drew his eyes to her face.

    "...Bastion..." She said kindly, dolcissimo, and kissed him softly -- a sudden change of pace. Sebastian felt pity in her kiss. She knew that she was there more for herself then for him. She knew he had no interest in her - not while Samuel Davenport drew breath - yet still she did this. She felt for him - felt bad for his image being messed up by his confession. Dolente. She knew Sam would never like - never love him back. She embraced him instead, drew him into her chest and loved and cooed at him instead - con amor - knowing fully well he wanted someone else.

    The band changed that. It was his sudden sforzando - sharp and precise, loud and everywhere.

    Kai Yang dragged Sebastian to his garage two weeks before Sophomore year started, threw a guitar at him, and told him to learn how to use it. Marcus Winter was writing songs and James Seepring was playing base. Kai would play drums. They would be a band.

    Suddenly, it seamed, Sebastian was popular. Repente. Noted popularity - not for being the kid who loved Sam Davenport, but the kid in the new band who could sing. Sebastian found his voice - loud and perfect - and with Marcus writing lyrics - twisted and fit.

    Sebastian was never in love with music as he was in Sophomore year.

    Sam faded into the background - sometimes Sebastian would forget to look for him across the chorus room. He was to absorbed in singing - in music. Sam, in tern, found theater.

    The songs of Broadway called him more then the choir songs taught in Choirs. He liked the act of pretending - of being someone else and doing things he had never done. 

    "Sebastian..." Sam said into his neck, hands on the taller boys hips. The train jerked, Sam stumbling more into Sebastian - snug against his body. Sebastian let his head fall forward a little, to breathe in the scent of Sam. Sebastian's skin was on fire. Fortissimo con fuoco.

    This was torture.

    So con calore.

    Sebastian pushed him away - dragged the warmth and comfort and the completion he felt away. Sam's hands flew up to grab onto his wrist, warm skin against his, light eyes wide and surprised.

    "You just broke up with Gina--" Sebastian tried. Words were falling out of his mouth - the words felt fur covered, and the warmth of Sam was still there. He was holding it - that warmth.

    Gina had started to date Sam Junior year. That same year, Sam came up to him and asked if his mother would teach him how to sing better. Sebastian agreed - and suddenly Sebastian saw Sam every single day. Sebastian made sure Sam was always comfortable. Chatted and talked and smiled like he always did.

    Sebastian was dieing -- Amoroso.

    "Sebastian--" Sam started. Over the loud speaker their stop was announced, and Sebastian rolled out of the train. Sam followed - stumbling - en pressant - but Sebastian's long legs were taking him toward the stairs. Sam called out his name, letting Sebastian know he could run, but not for that long.

    His heart beat was screaming.

    They got into the same college. Sebastian on a music scholarship and Sam on an acting. Sebastian always took ever opportunity - a soft caress here, a lingering touch, a shift in his eyes - made it so natural that Sam became comfortable with it. He had been working for this - driving for years - ignoring girls and dates and opportunities to love other people.

    For this. For just this.

    Why was he running?


    "You cant do this to me, Sam." Sebastian said, irato. The street was quiet - the sky bright with it's dieing light. Sam reached and grabbed his jacket, pulled him to a stop, healed on.

    "Do what?"

    "This!" Sebastian gestured toward Sam's hand on his jacket. "You can't just - do - things like that! Like what you did on the train! You can't do that to me."

    "I wanted to. I want to. Sebastian--"

    "I love you!" Sebastian shouted, grabbing onto Sam's elbow and shaking the shorter boy - man. Sam had grown up next to Sebastian, and Sebastian was almost cretin that he was one of the only people to actually watch that happen. Sebastian knew when Sam cut his hair, when Sam was dumped the by the first girl he really liked, when Sam's mother tripped and fell down a flight of stairs and didn't get up again, when Sam realized he wanted to wrap himself in acting and do it for the rest of his life.

    "I love you." Sebastian said again. "I love everything about you. I want you my life, Sam - I want only you, forever. I have wanted - will want. You can not do things like that to me. You cant. It's not fair--"

    Sam kissed him.


    Sam kissed him - full hands fisted in his hair, pulling him lower, sliding his lips softly against Sebastian's. Their bodies were touching everywhere Sebastian cared about - but the smell of Sam's skin and the feel of his body, even buried under layers of warm clothing, made Sebastian --

    Sebastian's' felt his heart beat arrived at the caesura he had been waiting for his entire life.

    This one shining moment of perfection.

    Volti subito.

    The moment Sam pulled back and stared at him, Sebastian's heart started again - knowing - feeling that despite everything, every signal thing - sign - he had been receiving lately, every changed in smile and gesture, that what he had been guessing and feeling was wrong. That this would blow up in his face - an unexpected sforzando that would blow his ears out and stop his heart completely.

    Sam played his solo perfectly - intimo.

    "I think that, " Sam said against Sebastian's lips, the feeling of his hands in his hair overwhelming. Sebastian almost could feel the words. "That you have been thinking about this too much."

    Sam hummed into Sebastian's lips when they kissed again, making the perfect pitch.