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[orig] Freaks - So This Is Christams?

Title: So This Is Christmas?
Fandom: Original - Freaks
Paring: None (Past Max/Persoaphone) Friendship.
Word Count: 634
Summary: God help me i'm being eatend alive by my old original ideas........ 

                "Christmas?" Max said. They were walking through Palan - buildings destroyed around them. Alstala was an hour or two away on foot. "What the fuck is Christmas?"

                Cringe stopped, eyes wide. "Excuse me?"

                "Christmas." Pain said. His eyes were stuck to the ground at Max's feet. He had learned to watch where he stepped. "It's when Christ was born."

                Pain could hear the confusion in Max's voice. "Who's Christ?"

                "Excuse me?" Cringe said again. The blonde stumbled over something in his haste to catch up. "Excuse me?"

                Pain laughed and adjusted his pack. The shovel was starting to dig into his back. "I forget you don't know these things."

                "Excuse me!?" Cringe's voice was shrill. The tin around them shook as one. The two other boys didn't take notice of him.

                "He's the son of God, over in our dimension." Pain explained. Max snorted and kicked something out of the way - something that made a growling sound and ran. Max and Pain stopped to watch it move - scurrying off toward a building, growling. They paused for another moment to think about what it could possibly be. Cringe caught up with them before they started to move again.

                "Dude, God is an ambiguous figure with no real gender. How can it have a son?"

                Pain pushed his glasses up his nose and hooked his thumbs under his pack straps. "People believe crazy things there. It's turned very commercial though - with a fat man in a red suit and flying deer."

                Max stopped and turned to look Pain. "...some deer do fly. Here, I mean."

                Pain stared at him - Cringe walking up close in his brother to stare at the older boy. Cringe was the first to recover. ".......you have flying deer?"

                Max shrugged. "Yeah. In Solan - up north. They thrive in the cold."

                "Do...." Cringe's eyes were bright with childish glee. "Do any have glowing noses?"

                Max sniffed and checked the sky. "No - but the males have red noses. I know someone up there - Tick Nains - who has a whole herd of flying deer."

                The brothers stared for another long moment while Max pulled out his telescope and checked some things. There was a moment where they had a common thought of 'Holy crap' before Max shut his telescope with a snap and started walking again.

                "....Tick Nains..." Cringe said.

                "St. Nick - it's just scrambled." Pain responded.

                "Flying deer..." Cringe said.

                "With red noses." Pain conformed.

                "Max!" Cringe shot past his brother to catch up with the fair haired boy. "Max! Are we going north? Can we stop at this place?!"

                Max didn't stop moving. "Fuck that. I need to keep going west."

                They never asked why he wanted to go west. The brothers made a decision to not ask why he wanted to go west - Pain had pieced together fragments of why. Persephone - a girl Max had lost - was cursed, and something or someone could help Max with lifting that curse in the west. Cringe, for once, and kept his mouth shut about the whole thing. Sometimes even the blonde airhead got the idea.

                "When we get to Alstala I'll point you in the right direction."

                The tone in Max's voice mad Pain grab onto Cringe's shoulder and give him a solid look.

                "Nah!" Cringe said, his eyes linked with his brothers. "We'll follow you west."

                "Fuck you." Max shot over his shoulder. His hair glowed in the moon's light. "Fuck you both."

                That, roughly translated, meant 'Thanks' in one way. It meant ' I really can’t do it alone' another way. It did mean 'fuck off', but the boys ignore that part of the message and followed their leader west to Alstala - and to wherever else they were going.