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[orig] Tenchu - Memories....

A Second from Renji's childhood....

Kai makes a small cut on his hand, does a few quick movements that Renji's eyes to follow, and summons a bird. It's a small hawk - all white with grey splotches. Its wings are large compared to its body - eyes intelligent and smart. Kai lets it sit on his arm, the bird fluffing up its own feathers, and leans down to let Renji touch it.

Its feathers are as soft and Renji imagined they would be.

Akira touches it after Renji – Renji’s bigger hands stroking more of the feathers, but Akira does his best to touch more of the bird. Akira's blood red eyes are cold and calculating – analyzing, devoid of any darkness and full of potential. Renji wonders, for a second, if his eyes will ever be as cold as his brothers despite their warm color. He hopes not – after all Kai’s eyes, which are the same shade of snow-blue as Renji’s, are bright and warm.

"How'd ja do that?" Hatomi says. Her eyes are bright, not the same color as Akira’s but close enough – lighter in ways that Renji doesn’t understand. Cloudy red – an angry sunset.

"'s easy." He slurs, eyes light. His smile is proud. "One of the first one's I learned. It's easier to do it when you're younger - your chakra lines are open more - makes releasing easer then when you're older."

"Do it again." Akira says, pulling out his own knife and pricking his finger. Kai watches his brother, face serious suddenly - but he sends the hawk away, breaking the Jutsu, and does it again. Akira follows him, eyes sharp - sharper then Renji's - and this time both boys summon birds.

Akira has a black bird - tiny, with bright eyes and a small beak. Kai's bird tilts his head at it, then blinks up at its summoner. Kai smiles at his smallest brother.

Renji pulls his own knife out, pricks his finger, and stares up at Kai - expecting. Hatomi does too - her knife smaller than any of theirs, but her eyes just as pleading.

Hatomi summons a red robin.

Renji summons a hawk.

Renji's hawk is white - pure white - with fire in its eyes. Kai ruffles his hair and purrs out words of complement. Akira glares at him - eyes resentful - and Renji wonders if he did something wrong.