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Fake - The Way I Want You

Title: The Way I Want You
Fandom: FAKE
Paring: Ryo/Dee
Word Count: 1,144
Summery: The way Ryo shows how much he wants Dee is a little....um, well....
The 27th precinct floor was suddenly, eerily quiet.
"He did what!?"
Dee sniffs, arms crosses protectively, and turns his face away. "He broke my fingers."
Ted's cigarette falls from his mouth onto a pile of cases- unlit, thankfully. Drake's face turns from a calm tan to a bleached white. JJ's mouth is hanging open. Dee sniffs.
Drake recovers the fastest. "He broke them?"
Dee's nose flares, embarrassment tinting his high cheeks pink. 'Did I stutter?'Collapse )

[orig] Hunter - Lies of Old

Title: None (Lines of Old)
Fandom: Original - Vampitre Hunter [Modern Day]
Paring: None (Series paring: Victor/Wes, Ania/Mike)
Word Count: 2,172
Summery: Finding Victor is Wes' main reason to be. Even if the other man is burried under a almsot 300 years of dirt. That wont stop this werewolf and his great, great, many-times-over-great niece.

                "Huh," Wes coughed, picking his head up from a huge stack of papers. "I didn' know this..."

                "You don’t know a lot of things...."

                Wes picked is dusty head up, his old half-oval glasses sitting carefully on the bridge of his nose. It must have been a habit, Rachel thought - werewolf’s eyes are perfect. Wes's eyes were deep blue - just like hers. She no longer wondered why she was the only one in the family with these midnight-blue, breath-taking eyes.

                "Shut up." He snapped, teeth white. His eyes were level, but content. He moved them back to the book slowly. "They used my idea's ‘in creating modern day guns. Well, not my exact ideas, mind - but my guns were models for these, no doubt."

                >That, Rachel thought, I did not know....Collapse )

[orig] Superbia

Title: Superbia
Fandom: Original
Paring: Pride/Envy
Word Count: 1,073


            Envy's ears are pointed, just slightly, toward the tips. Her nose is long and lean. Her cheek bones are high and pronounced - her face made of porcelain, delicate and soft. Her teeth are straight. Her eyes gleam. Lovely, completely breathtaking.

            But! She's a shrew.

            She brags about herself to Greed, who is often to busy with his money to care; head full of numbers and heart full of change. She can go on for hours - endlessly - about her hands and breasts and feet.

            She is smart though - she leaves Wrath alone with her rambling. The two of them are too sharp and angry to talk to each other. There is a tension there, between them - Envy wants to hit him, I think, and Wrath is angry that she doesn't.

            Lust and Envy, like two teenage girls, seam like the best of friends when together.....Collapse )

Title: Stregata - Real Loss

Fandom: Original Universe

Word Count: 600

Summary: This is word vomit. I found it on my external and i wanted to shove it somewhere - seeing as it's mostly alright, for the tidbit that it is. This is from a story that had a very promising start, like so many do.....




                "I want to touch you." He says, softly, and Nora chokes on her breath. She can smell him, his neck - the scent of his nape – dirt and clean static, his arms wrapped around her. Her arms hang, forgotten, by her sides - useless. She feels the whisper of cold as he buries his face into her nest - soft. "I want to be with you."

                "Stop sayin-" Nora chokes, eyelids fluttering. His body hums, cold pins and nettles, against her front. Her voice is harsh and angry - breaking. "Stop saying things like that."

                He pulls away - making her gasp, her eyes flying open, hands reaching up to grip his arms - catching air instead. His face, his eyes, are sad - drawn in. "I wish I would have know you before I died. Maybe I wouldn't have killed myself."

                Nora's heart quakes in her chest, exploding - cracking. Her fists clutch in the air, curling into nothing - yearning to simply touch him. Instead, she yells. "I wish I never met you!"

                He laughs, softly, and she can hear the same broken, yearning sound in his voice. "I wish you never met me."

                She cries then, lets her head and shoulders drop - defeated and alone. Great wet sounds, unable to breath past the grief – she finds she can’t catch her breath past her tears. The worst part, Nora thinks somewhere in the depth of her mind, is that she did this to herself.

                Its punishment, she thinks, for falling in love with a ghost.

                "Nora -" He whispers, but she steps back and away - through his arms, shaking her head. Her hair is damp where his arms touched it, her skin clammy. She keeps her eyes close, so she doesn’t have to see him.

                "Go away Sorin." His name fumbles over her lips - trembling. Her limbs are shaking. "If you're going to leave, just go!"

                "Nora-" That same broken tone. Nora shakes her head, wild, and steps back again - away - squeezing her fists against her ears.

                "I hate you!" She yells, sobbing. She feels like she's cutting herself - carving deep caverns into her chest, ripping part of herself off. "I hate you for doing this to me! Why did you have to -"

                Sorin grabs her - hard, hard for a ghost - and kisses her. For a long second, he's solid - his lips cold, but so real under hers. He tastes like grave-dirt, like unforgiving dead flowers, like the gum that they buried him with - his favorite. But it's his kiss - rushed, needy, that drops her to the ground. Her hands over her eyes, she cries.

                "I love you." He says, kneeling in front of her - touches her forehead. And then sudden, he's moving away - scaring Nora's eyes open.

                "Sorin!" She reaches for him, desperate in voice and motion, but he doesn’t stop. His smile is fading - wishful - and for a short, washing moment, his eyes are as blue as Nora remembers them being.

                He's gone in a gust of wind.

                Nora screams his name, agony make her voice echo over campus - so loud, so pain filled, that even The Bell Witch pauses to watch.


                Nora has never hated the sunrise quite like this one. Nora has never let her heart be this broken before - not by any boy, dead or alive.

                Still, despite the numb feeling in her chest, Nora stands with the sunrise and continues – hollow, but breathing. Because, she knows, Sorin would be angry if she missed class.

Title: Tenchu

Chapter: Three- Fire, Sun, and Rumors (1 of 4)

Fandom: Original Universe - Japan

Word Count: 11,619 (2,833)



                "I just wanna kill you from the roof…"

                Minabi pauses. It's one of the rare times where Master Ryuu lets them out at the same time on the same mission. Minabi thinks that she missed it.

                "What?" Her voice is thick behind her mask.

                "Is that so much to ask?" He grumbles, pulling his sword from his sheath, and stands. He shines in the light, hair pink. "I just wanna kill you from the roof!"

                Minabi almost yells when he jumps.

                She amends - no, she didn't miss it.






Title: Tenchu

Chapter: Three- Fire, Sun, and Rumors (2 of 4)

Fandom: Original Universe - Japan

Word Count: 11,619 (3,220)



Title: Tenchu

Chapter: Three- Fire, Sun, and Rumors (3 of 4)

Fandom: Original Universe - Japan

Word Count: 11,619 (3,049)



Title: Tenchu

Chapter: Three- Fire, Ice, and Rumors (4 of 4)

Fandom: Original Universe - Japan

Word Count: 11,619 (2,517)



HP - Under the Staircases

Title: Under The Staricases
Words: 1,273 - wow, that's really short for me.
Paring: Remus/Sirius
Warning: Um....hahaha eah this is p0rn. Like....I used the word cock, and come, and possably orgasm. Yeah....so much for the cut for bad worked or whatever....


Alright everyone (all of 6 people, maype - on a good day), this is the run down.

Remember the thing that i posted a litle while ago? Rush - yeah, well, this is more of it. Infact, the past 3 posts are about it.


    Years into the future, or an alternate dimension - Whatever - there are things called Mecha's. that's to be expected - duh. There are different types of these Mecha's - from workers, builders ,diggers, military, and finally - the subject of this story - racers. Racing Mechas are built for speed - and the Solar Circuit Grand Prix happens to be the favorite sport of this land. Every continent has a team, and ever tram has 3 Mecha's minimum. there are 50 teams in all. The Prix occurs every year [About as long as a school year], and races happen every month - every week.

    In every Racing Mecha [important part, that], there are two people - a Pilot, who controls the Mecha's movements and guides it along the track, and a Mechanic; who controls the eternal workings of the Mecha so the Pilot can concentrate solely on driving. In every Racing Mecha there are things called Tubes - cylinders full of an oxidizing liquid that gives the Pilot complete motion. It aloes the Mecha's AI [Artificial Intelligence] to connect with the Pilot directly - by means of racing lines.

    Racing lines and circles and mapped out on a Pilots bodied - coving the vital areas of the body such as the heart, hands, feet, legs, arms, lower back, and neck. Connections lines that are attached to the top of the tube and connected to these racing lines and circles through a Pilots racing suit. The suits and skin tight but not constricting - protecting the body from the fluid while connecting it to the Mecha' AI at the same time.

    Mechanic's are seated up and behind the racing tube in what looks like a modified cockpit. Their control panel wraps around them - cutting the small space of the Mecha's chest in half. Mechanics control panels are set up by the Mecha's respective Mechanic - personalized in a way. They all have LED screens, oxygen meters, and a display of the outside. Mechanic's control the amount of oxygen a Pilot gets while their in the tube - the less oxygen used to breath, the more it can be used to power the Mecha's huge turbines. Mechanics also fix their respective Mecha's, knowing them without ever really know the Mecha's true AI.

    Mecha's can only work with both of these people working together.

    The Academy is a place were men [and woman - though not very often] go to learn how to become a Pilot or a Mechanic. Depending on your initial scores and what you want to do, classes are given on both. The Academy is a 3 year school - boys [ and girls] enrolling at 16 and exiting at 19. The, depending on your final year's scores, you can either e scouted by teams, or go on interviews to join teams. The better your scores, the more likely you'll be picked up by one of the better teams.

    ...and with that, we can get to this part of the story.

    Not much is told about Hal or Greg's life - little things that are important to their character and their upbringing [ for Greg's part, anyway]. Not much is know about the other people on the Rush team - run by Trash, a 30-something woman who has nothing better to do then watch what she did when she was younger. Trash once races for the Rush team and inherited it from the previous Coach. Gregory was trained by Trash - and, to trade, is one of two Mechanics in the circuit that have never gone through the Academy.

............yeah. There is your background. Better now?


So, what i did was write this before i wrote everything else. The stuff underneath here are mini stories in random orders - thought there's a constant story the lower you go. They're all tidbits - and they're based on one of the themes. I jacked them from some community - I didn't make them up, btw - so the colored ones are the ones finished.

I'm currently working on the next part that actually has [YAY] some semblance of sex in it.

The ThemesCollapse )

[P.S.: Have no fear. Part 6 of It is in the works - a little more then half way done.]

Original - Rush - Theams (1,2,3,4)

Original - A little Rush

So, this is something i've been working on. The title of the series is Rush, for reason that yall will get when you read it. This was the first thing i ever wrote for the series - seeing as i sjut wanted to write some p0rn and puled characters out of my ass. So, there you go...p0rn!

Rush: Almost Dead
Words: 2,191
Warning: Words, p0rn, and a diffrent univers. Welcome to crack!

Greg grabbed at the neck of his suit and pulled, yanking the stretchy material over toward his shoulder. The material snapped back though - causing him to moan at the pain that stung his neck - and Greg growled down his throat and ripped his mouth away.
...more of that under this fake cut!!Collapse )

Original - Liam & Chris - Part V

Title: Workin Title - Not sure waht is should be yet.
Words: 8,647 - wow, that;s short for me.
Warning: Bad words. New Characters? Two, maybe. Three, possably...Hey. You smell that? It kind of smells like plot....(This is for Lisa)

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV


Chris woke up in Maggie's arms.

The silence of living struck Chris as odd. He was uncomfortable, yes, but comfortably so.

This place smelled like memories. Of the past - stuck in his mind - and no madder the about of humanity in the complex, no madder the smell of the girl next to him made that smell fade. The air tasted flat - unmoving.

Chris was tucked low, his head tucked into Maggie's chest. She had her arms tangled loosely around his head and shoulders, cradled in sleep. Her body was curled up and around him, her head snuggled into the top of his, her feet touching his knees. Chris hand his arms around her hips - pulling her closer.

The skin on Maggie's lower back was smooth and warm. She smelled like vanilla - he could smell her ever so slightly over the smell of the new blankets and clean carpet. Her hair was tossed around, strands resting on his face.

Good God did he love her. With his whole heart - he knew - he loved the girl in his arms more then anything. His heart was pounding loudly in his ears just thinking about it.

Yesterday seemed so much like a dream....like a dream.

Chris pulled away from Maggie's warm body, looking around him. Everything seamed the same - exactly the same - as he remembered. Chris reached over to wake Maggie, but something moved behind him. He turned, and like that, he was somewhere else.

Chris sat up straight, panting - reaching. The couch was soft under his fingers. Maggie turned, a glass of water in her hand, her eyebrows raised.

"You aright?"

Chris looked around the living room, examining the entertainment center and the love seat. The kitchen table was clean, and Maggie leaned against the island counter and put her glass down carefully.

"Yeah." Chris said, airily. His had sweat through his shirt - it stuck to his back. He managed a smile toward her though - satisfied. "Bad dream, I guess."

She laughed, a small noise in the back of her throat. Her bun was loose and let the hair spill around her face, framing it perfectly. "No kidding. I was just going to wake you."

Chris rubbed his head, messing his short hair and shaking it - clearing the remnants of sleep from his brain. He swung his legs over the couch, pulling the blanket off, stretching his legs and sighing.

"We've got the play soon." Maggie sipped at her glass, sitting at the kitchen table, turning it around so she could look at him. Her jeans were warn in at the knees, dirt ground into the fibers. Her shirt was new - collared, and orange. It made her eyes shine.

"Play?" Chris was confused. Her tried to rub the sleep form his eyes, but his eyelids still felt heavy. "What play?"

Maggie picked up the closes thing to her - a shoe - and threw it at him. "Christopher, you can not tell my you've forgotten your son's play."

Chris caught the shoe, his heart stopping.Collapse )

Original - Liam & Chris - IV Part 1

Title: Working Title - Not sure what it should be yet.
Words: 11,085
Warning: Bad words. New characters - 4, i think - and what could that be? Is it...a plot?!

Part I | Part II | Part III



Chris woke up in Maggie's arms.

The silence of living struck Chris as odd. He was comfortable, yes, but uncomfortably so.

This place smelled like memories. Of the past - stuck in his mind - and no madder the amount of humanity in the building, no madder the smell of the girl next to him made that smell of the past fade. The air tasted stale - unmoving.

Chris was tucked low, his head pulled into Maggie's chest. She had her arms tangled loosely around his head and shoulders, cradled in sleep. Her body was curled up and around him, her head snuggled into the top of his, her feet touching his knees. Chris hand his arms around her waist - pulling her closer.

The skin on Maggie's lower back was smooth and warm. She smelled like vanilla and raspberries - he could smell her ever so slightly over the smell of the new blankets and clean carpet. Her hair was tossed around, strands resting on his face.

Good God did he love her. With his whole heart - he realized - he loved the girl in his arms more then anything. His heart was pounding a mile a minuet just thinking about it.

Yesterday seemed so much like a dream. The metal was heavy against his skin - the bracelet and anklet and necklace loose. The brace around his upper leg  - that was tight and unmoving. Morgan looked exactly the same as she had, exactly the same way Liam knew her to look - therefore Chris knew what she looked like too. The feeling of being squeezed into his body wasn't new though - the skin around his restraints crackling and feeling fake.

Maggie had touched every single piece of the restraints. Her fingers inspected everything.

He knew she wanted to know everything - but there was just too much to tell. His parents, his birth, his brother, his past, his escape, his life - there were too many words and not enough time. Chris didn't think there would ever be enough time. Not for him, anyway.

Warwick's pendent sat next to Chris' face, warm from Maggie's body heat. Chris had to wonder what Warwick saw inside Maggie - something incredibly good, he guessed, for Warwick to part with one of his treasured objects. Chris remember that the pended had belonged to his older sister. He barley remembered her - black hair and tall, very tall. Warwick never let his personal, untouched objects out of his grasp. Naturally so.

Chris took a deep breath and sighed...Collapse )

Original - Liam & Chris - III

Title: Working Title - Not sure what it should be yet.
Words: 9,958 - longest yet
Warning: Bad words. It's semi-edited at all. I just finsied it, so it's a bit rough. New characters everywhere!!!....

Part I | Part II



It was like someone whispering in his ear. Calling his name.

Over the sound of the roaring motor in Wolfs car, Chris kept hearing someone call his name. He had asked 'what?' and 'huh?' and 'did you say something?' so many times, Wolf threatened to throw him out of the car.

"Can you hear it?" Liam asked, and Chris' hand tightened around Maggie's. Chris turned to his brother and just stared.

"She's loud today." Wolf said, checking in his mirror. Liam crossed his arms, checking on the others in the mirror as well. April grabbed onto Maggie's hand - connecting the three teens in the back. Chris felt the first real string of fear creep up his back. he was really returning to this damned place....

"You can leave anything personal in the car, If you want." Wolf scratched his chin, glancing at Chris in the mirror. "They're going to inspect all of your stuff. You can keep them safe in here - I wont touch your shit."

"They're going to look through our stuff?" April leaned forward. Liam turned to look at her, his face very careful.



"For contraband." Wolf supplied. "The whole point of the place is to keep the world away, and and to keep us from the world. Keep the info from crossing over to the other world."

"...a completely controlled environment." Maggie mumbled. Wolf shook his head.

"Experiment, actually." Wolf corrected, and all at once Chris couldn't hear.

It was as if time stopped. Everything froze but Chris' brain - his thoughts. The rumble of the engine, the beating of his heart - everything stopped but him. Chris thought, what the fuck?

Chris thought, Oh, I remember this feeling.

Something touched every part of him. Caressed the inside of his head with a familiar touch, healed his heart and let it continue beating - stretched around his heart and soul. He was embraced - fully - then-


Chris pulled his eyes to Maggie - who looked white and confused. He shook his head to clear the remnants of the power that swept over him. "Yeah?"

"Your eyes...." Maggie whispered, and Chris looked into the rear view mirror. His eyes were white.

There were another pair of white eyes staring back at him. Liam's face was stone cold - fixed - and Chris had to swallow past the choking feeling in his throat.

Wolf cut up into a long driveway, off the main road and deep into the woods. There were small snow drifts on either side, and Chris dragged his eyes away from Liam's to the snow. Maggie's hand gripped tighter around his.

Laim was pulling something out of his bag - a two books and and a note book, along with a picture - and slipped them under the seat. April leaned forward and took Liam lead, pulling out her own diary and some pictures out of her bag. Maggie leaned forward and pulled a small book for her own bag and a camera, shoving them under Liam's seat. Chris kept still and watched - if they wanted to take his shit, they would have to pull in from his fingers. They wouldn't dare.

They continued a little while longer, the edges of a fence darting into Chris view. They passed by two large pine trees, and Chris had the distinct feeling of cobwebs sweeping over his entire body. Wolf's eye twitched, and Liam shook his head - to shake the feeling off as well.

"We're almost there." Chris said, getting his first flash of porcelain white - man made white - flash between the trees. It sounded more like a warning - coming from him like that - then he had intended.

Cyrus was waiting for them.Collapse )

Oiginal - Liam and Chris - II

Title: Working Title - Not sure what it should be yet.
Words: 8,920 - little less the the last one.
Warning: Bad words. It's not edited at all. I just finsied it, so it's a bit rough. In my opinion, little more punch in this one then the last. And Explinations. Many of them. 4 new characters, and more fun^-^

Part I



"How soon can you get here?" Cyrus asked, his tone thin, and Liam sighed - again. Chris was ready to hit him.

"We don't have a car." Liam said again, for the third time, and Chris thought that for a very sharp person, Cyrus was being rather thick.


"We're not walking there." Chris took the phone, speaking with assurance and certainty. Chris' back still hurt, despite the coffee and sleep. One can not fully heal from a car crash in less then a day. Despite what he was a part of.

"You're not making this easy on me." Cyrus sighed, and Liam and Chris exchanged looks.

"What do you want us to do? Liam's tired, and we have girls with us-"

"-wait, wait!" Cyrus cut Chris off. "Girls? As in more then one!?"

"Cy, calm down-"

"The two of you will get me killed, do'you know that? They're going to kill me because of you...I-, Christopher, you two owe me more then your life." Cyrus was the only one on the payroll at Rocklan that actually listened to Liam or Chris. Chris noted the fact that everyone seamed to be using his full name lately. He didn't like it much. He knew that more of his full-name-calling would come as well.

"We're going to be there by the end of the week." Liam said around a cup of coffee. They were in the local dinner, across the street from the shop that was 'fixing' their car. The local police said that they were all lucky to be alive. Chris knew who they really should thank.

Original - Chris and Liam's Story

Title: Working Title - Not sure yet.
Words: 9, 531
Warning: Past part 5 and 6, there hasn't been minor editing. Anything i caught i tried to fiz. But i copy and pasted everything from notepad to FrontPage and that was that. So everything's still messed up and not right but that's the majroity of the idea's and stuff. Minor cursing. All that jazz.


Chris was warm. Like he was wrapped in a thick blanket. He could hear the roaring of water around him - angry and moving. And a heartbeat. Constant. Thick. Sluggish.

Liam's nose was bleeding. It was in Chris' hair - clotting and making the fair blond strands stick together. Chris' arms were locked around Liam's back, holding on - pulling. Liam was screaming.

Chris didn't remember falling into the river. Chris was 9 years old - young - but he was confidant. He was always confidant. They were fishing. He must have tripped.

He just sort of found himself there - under water - unable to breath. It was blue everywhere, and cold. He didn't think anyone would come for him.

The water was rushing over them, barley a inch away from their faces. Liam pulled in a breath - hitching and hiccupping. Liam's hands were lace - wrists crossed - in his hair, holding Chris' head to his chest. Liam's boney elbows were digging into his shoulders, but Chris was to fascinated by the rushing water over them to pay attention to Liam's elbows.

Chris was muttering. "I'm here. I'm okay. It's okay. We'll be okay."

KH2 - Still In Existance

Title: Still In Existence
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts II
Paring: Axel/Roxas - Roxas/Naminé - Sora/Kairi
Summery:     Axel wants to laugh, but it's to much of a classic tragedy that he thinks if someone really knew what had happened, they would write a play about it and make quite the lump sum of munny. Because that's just about how stupidly, tragically ironic this who fucking situation was.


    Axel doesn't have a voice anymore. A day ago there was a whisper of one, but he's used up the rest of it talking to himself. Trying to get someone - anyone's attention. Trying to talk to Sora.

    The funny thing about being a Nobody, Axel thinks, is that because you where never really anyone, you really can't die. Death is saved for people with hearts and minds that belong to them only, not for a remnant of a person - a shell of a former being.

    It's got to be hot on this god forsaken island - because even if he can't feel it, the sun sparkles off the water in such a way that lets you know it's hot. The air feels think around him - though, it's felt like that ever since they got back to the island - so it might not be the weather or the heat but Axel himself.

    Now, there's a constant ache in his chest - a pressure that never leaves and never lets up and only seams to be pushing his chest and his back together. After to much motion his head hurts - his body tired and unable to follow what his mind wants it to do. His wires are crossing and corroding - there can't be to much time left in this. Can there?

    Sora's sitting with Kairi - the two of them just talking. Axel can barley hear them now - like there's water in his ears, only all the time. It's stuffed itself up his nose and into his eyes too - the colors around him are dimming and fading and he can't breath - doesn't need to - and he hates it.

    Kairi touches him, every so often - lightly brushing Sora's skin with her fingertips. He took her hand, carefully, and Axel felt like he would die...well, die again. Like someone hand hit him with his own fist, because both his fist and his face and his chest hurt. Axel wants to rip them apart - to pull at Sora and shake him. Shake him until...

KH2 - Together, We Have Hearts

 Title: Together, We Have Hearts
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts 2 - The end
Paring: Axel/Roxas



    In a moment of pure whiteness -of acceptance - he spotted him. His hair was bright against the pure white, a color so vibrant that it almost shined. His black cloak moved in a wind that belonged to him alone, his hands clenching and unclenching - as if the limbs were asleep and he was having trouble keeping them awake. Keeping himself together.

    His shadow cast a long grey haze on the floor of that never ending white, pure and perfect charcoal gray. He remembered - so long ago - the words whispered as a promise. 'You're never gonna catch me...'

   So he ran, pounded at the ground with his need to catch up. The red heads cloak was fading - hazy gray - melting into the background. fading. He wanted to hold onto something before everything he remember faded into the white around him. The figure in black started to move, forward, away, graying, and he just pushed harder - running with everything he had.


FFVII - Captivated

 Title: Captivated
Fandom: FFIII - after the movie

    Tifa's feet were cold.

    Normally, Cloud wouldn't know something like that. Normally, Tifa's feet were on the ground - like his - and nowhere close enough to him where he could feel the temperature difference from the rest of her body and her feet.

    But Tifa was curled up against him - her feet tucked under his leg - one hand snaked under his to reach at the popcorn. Marlene's head was resting peacefully against his other leg - she had to be asleep by now - and Denzel's head had fallen in front of the couch an hour ago. Cloud felt bad - leaving the kid leaning against the couch, asleep like that - but Tifa was warm and he was actually comfortable. For once, this felt like his home.

    Tifa then tapped his arm, quickly, half a hand of popcorn in her mouth. "Clowud! Wat' ths parwt!"

    Cloud felt the corner of his mouth twitch upward. Like he had been staring at the ground - or the ceiling - for the entire length of the movie and just needed to be told to watch. Tifa, despite being able to whoop almost everyone's (including himself, if he wasn't careful) ass, was still such a...well, girl.

    She smelled like the shampoo they had in the bathroom. In fact, Cloud would bet that all four of them smelled the same - their small business had little, if any, jobs now - and no money. Tifa's bar was taking up most of the expenses, the cash they made just evening out the cost of running the place. Cloud's business wasn't doing too well either. Most of his clients were friends. Cloud didn't have the heart to charge them full price - something that Tifa chewed him out on whenever he returned home.

    He had been denying jobs recently as well - instead, working alongside Tifa and Denzel (who had started to pull his own, without even being asked) at the bar. He didn't mind at all, really - no one came into the bar looking for him much anymore. He wasn't as popular with the locals as he had been a year ago - not with the older people anyway. The children were another story.

    Tifa put her head on his shoulder - distracting him even more. The skin of her cheek was soft against his shoulder - her breath soft against his skin.

FFVII - Starting It

 Title: Starting It
Fandom: FFVII - after the Movie...

   The question is how to start it, he thinks, because once that's over everything else follows quiet easily. Or at least he remembers it flowing easily, but that could all be in his head, and if it wasn't - well, it was a few years ago.

   But for now, because it hasn't really started and because starting it is the hardest part, he can't really think about how it went one once upon a time ago. Because that was then, and this is now. Two very different people, two very different times.

   The most important part, he knows, is how it starts - and because of that, it's the most difficult. He sits and waits, with the light off and his head tilted back over the couches arm, and thinks of how he could possible work it out this time without messing it up to badly and loosing what he's already lost once before.


2 - Darkly, R/S [100 words]

    A soft gasp - panting breath - asking, "Sirius?..."

     A moan in response, mouths clashing together - tongues tangling. quot;Mmm?..."

     Teeth clamping down on another’s’ neck. A moan soaks into skin - goose bumps flying down arms. Teeth release slowly - a tentative question. "Will... it hurt?"

     A pause - complete lack of movement. Sirius pulled back - sweaty, face flushed, hickeys falling down his neck. He laughed darkly, leaning forward – placing kisses over swollen lips.

     "Yes..." He answered truthfully, and the other gasped - arched. "...it will be okay."

     Hands found each other, stayed together - the entire time.

2 - Darkly, R/S

#2 - Darkly

    A soft gasp - panting breath - asking. "Sirius?..."

    A feverish moan in response, mouths clashing together - tongs tangling - pulling away with each others spin on their lips. Harsh breathing, a sniff, then a hand whipping the sweat of another's brow. "Yes, love?..."

    Teeth clamping down on the others neck. A moan soaks into porcelain skin - Goosebumps flying down both of their arms. Teeth relies slowly, and with a lick of their lips and a kiss, a tentative question. "Will...will it hurt?"

    A pause - a complete lack of movement. Sirius pulls back to take in the sight of Remus - sweaty, face flushed, hickeys falling down his neck and chest. He laughed darkly and leaned forward - placing a light kiss over Remus' swollen lips.

    "Yes..." He answered truthfully, and the other gasped and arched into him. "...but it will be okay."

    Hands found each other, stayed together - the entire time.

30_drabbles 1: Haloes - R/S

#1 - Haloes

    There were a few times when the world would go still around Sirius black, and he would be able to see everything clearly. It happened far and few between - it was always a flash of a thought or a crush of his heart.

    During one of the few summers that all four Marauders spent together Sirius had one of those clear thoughts.

    The four boys were down by the lake, behind James' summer home. Sirius had striped his shirt off while running down the dock, kicking his boots and socks off, diving into the cold fresh water. James had come stumbling after him - diving in with flailing, pale arms and legs. Peter and Remus - the reasonable one's - stopped at the edge of the dock.

    After a good twenty minuets of struggling, kicking, biting, and screaming, James had managed to pry Peter off of a tree and shoved him into the clear, clean water. Sirius was having very little luck with Remus - his nose was bleeding, for one thing, and he had been kicked quite close to a certain place quite a few times - all that he had accomplished was having Remus scream into his ear and his boney arms ripped at by the tree trunk. Not to mention Sirius front squeezed against Remus' back - Remus smelled like books and tea.

    The best part, though, was that Remus was laughing the whole time.

    The sun glittered off the rippling lake - where James and Peter wrestled (attempting go drown one another, more like it...). Sirius paused in his tugging long enough to look up and see Remus' face. His eyes were scrunched up, his cheeks red with laughter and smiles - and he could have sworn that the light shimmering on Remus' head gave him a halo.

    Purity shined through Sirius, clearing his head of any thoughts other then 'Merlin, did Remus always have that dimple?' and 'I rather like the way his eyes crinkle up like that' or 'My Gods, I've fallen hard for him, haven't I?'

    These moments were rare and few between, but when he had them - gods did he savor them. The opened his eyes to things he would have never noticed before - like his love towards his brown haired angle.


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